We have been making patterns in Maths recently. We tried to make sure that they were repeating patterns and we tried to use different colours, objects, paper and numbers. IMG_2949 IMG_2950 IMG_2953 IMG_2959


Using clay in Art

Yesterday Prep W and Prep B went to Art with Miss Fergusson and Mrs De Luca. We used brown clay to make butterflies and we had pipe cleaners for the antennas. The clay felt slimy, yucky and a bit hard. We had fun with the clay! We will post our photos soon.



Indonesian Dance incursion


On Tuesday most of Prep W went to the GP room to watch an Indonesian Dance group perform. There were two people performing, we sat around and they chose some children to go up and wear some special pants which they could do drumming on. We also learnt how to say some words in Indonesian and we all learnt some dance moves. We had to pretend to be tigers! We had fun! Thank you for reading our post.


100 days of Prep!

Yesterday we had been at school for 100 days! We did lots of different activities. In Writing we wrote about what we would do if we had $100. Dallas said he would buy a bike if he had $100. Shyanne said she would save her money so that she could buy a car. Ayden said he would buy a takeaway for dinner. In Numeracy we got to go to all of the Prep classrooms for different activities. We made necklaces with groups of 10 fruit loops, we made 100 crowns with groups of 10, we painted groups of 10 dots to 100, we played a race to 100 game and we made a 100 monster too! We had a great day!100 days 2 100 days


Sports Day!

IMG_2341 IMG_2349 IMG_2359

IMG_2360 IMG_2368 IMG_2378 Hula hoop

We had fun at Sports Day today! We played together and we enjoyed ourselves. It was cold but it didn’t matter because we were running around. Raiden liked the skipping rope the best. Dallas liked racing the best and Connor liked the parachute. Emma’s favourite activity was hula hooping!


Hello world!

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